To my dismay, the small black pin on my carbide decapping die has broken.  I now must stop reloading until a replacement is obtained.

I can't seem to find the "proper" name or information for this retention pin.  It's the black pin that holds the decapping shaft in place.

Is this something I can buy at Dillon?  Or should I just look to my local hardware store?

I'm looking at buying a dozen or so ... they are pretty flimsy looking, and I've only decapped around 3,000 cases (mainly Win, PPU, FC, and Blazer).

Yes, I will pay for them ... some folks go a little to far with the No BS Lifetime Warranty expectations.  Just tell me what it is called and whether or not I can get it here.


Steve C
A Happy XL650 owner
An UNHAPPY Lee Loadmaster -- previous owner.